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Hearing Protection

When it comes to preventing hearing loss, one of the easiest ways you can keep your auditory system healthy is by wearing proper hearing protection. Adirondack Audiologist understands the importance of finding the right hearing protection, that’s why we offer a number of custom earplugs, earmolds and solutions no matter your hobby or occupation.

Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Custom earmolds and earplugs can be utilized to protect your hearing during a number of noisy activities. These products are typically available in solid and soft, spongy materials, depending on what your particular needs are. Custom earmolds and earplugs are ideal for individuals exposed to noisy environments because they are tailored to your specific ears, which results in a better fit and a safer listening environment.

Musician Earplugs and Monitors

When it comes to musicians who perform big shows for a living, it’s crucial to have the right hearing protection. Musicians need to be protected from the damaging sounds of their music and instruments, but must also be able to hear the lyrics and chords they need.

Musician earplugs and monitors work by using an attenuator that blocks out damaging sounds, while still allowing the important music and lyrics to get through.

Contact Adirondack Audiology today to find out more about our custom hearing protection options.